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Genalive’s new innovative precision medicine empowers Healthcare in Middle East

The Laboratory Director of Genalive, Dr. Yusra Alyafee visualises advanced Healthcare system with new innovative precision medicine

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Dr. Yusra Alyafee, the Laboratory Director of Genalive, (a joint venture between BGI Almanahil Health for Medical Services – a subsidiary of BGI Genomics, and Tibbiyah Holding) is on a mission to empower Saudi Arabia’s health conditions through the new innovative precision medicine.

Dr. Yusra contributes her role in diversified responsibilities, ranging from technical work and data analysis to closely support her multicultural team of 24 dedicated individuals. Dr. Yusra’s roots are from Yemen, where she was hailed by her parents, but she calls Riyadh as her home. Dr. Yusra gained a spark for genetic technologies during her Masters in Biochemistry and joined BGI Genomics for its reputation and its innovations in diverse fields, which can serve as a better platform for her dreams.

Genalive is led by one of the world’s leading life science organisations, BGI Group. It offers extensive genetic testing services and a wide range of tests – prenatal, postnatal, inherited, and cancer genetics, clinical pathology services – hematology and immunology. The testing and sample processing are localized within Saudi Arabia to enhance affordability and future innovative applications.

The Laboratory, Genalive is one of the largest and advanced independent laboratories in Saudi Arabia with an area coverage of 4,000 square meters. Its Mission aligns with Saudi Vision 2030 and focuses on providing advanced diagnostic and transomic laboratory services.

WHO statistics reports Saudi Arabia to have more colorectal cancer cases in common posing that challenges the local healthcare system. BGI Genomics State of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Report 2023, reports respondents (62.7%) of Saudi Arabia who never had a CRC screening have a higher percentage of CRC than the global average of 54.1%.

In order to overcome these problems, Genalive offers a non-invasive and accessible colorectal cancer screening test – COLOTECT™. It aims to raise awareness and detect disease at an early stage with a high sensitivity rate.

Dr. Yusra visualises better health outcomes with immense potential for positive, long-term impact to increase the demand for prenatal testing in the Kingdom, with embracement of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  To meet this demand, Genalive has introduced the NIFTY® test that allows screening for common trisomies. It has enhanced safety, accuracy, and a rapid turnaround time.

Dr. Yusra’s story is indeed inspired by the meaning of her name, “the person who makes everything easy” in Arabic. Except for her professional background, she spends her quality time cherishing good moments with her family – exploring new places, experiencing diverse cuisines and providing her children with compassion and social responsibility.

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