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Gautam Adani and Qualcomm CEO Discuss AI and Semiconductors, Potential Collaborations Ahead

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Gautam Adani, the chairman of the Adani Group, recently met with Cristiano R Amon, the CEO of semiconductor giant Qualcomm, in Mumbai. Their discussion revolved around topics such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence (AI), mobility, and edge appliances.

There’s speculation that Adani Group is seeking to gain insights into the semiconductor and AI ecosystem, exploring potential roles within the value chain. Sources suggest they explored how Qualcomm’s solutions could be utilized by Adani Group, and whether collaboration opportunities exist between the two companies.

Qualcomm, known for its Snapdragon processors in mobile phones, is expanding its presence in smart industries like automotive solutions for driverless cars and connected devices for industries like energy and utilities. Adani Group, through Adani Data Networks, acquired telecom licenses and is investing significantly in data center infrastructure.

Adani expressed excitement about Amon’s vision and Qualcomm’s commitment to India’s potential in semiconductors, AI, and mobility. However, details about potential collaborations weren’t disclosed.

There’s potential for collaboration in areas like data centers and AI chips, especially as Qualcomm aims to compete with Nvidia in running large models without cloud services. Qualcomm has bases in India for hardware and software design, working on solutions ranging from multimedia software to wireless modems.

The company is also collaborating with telecom operators and OEMs to develop an affordable 5G smartphone, expected to launch later this year. As both companies explore synergies, the meeting sets the stage for potential future collaborations in India’s growing tech landscape.

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