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Fiji Development Bank launches Women Entrepreneurs Finance Code

Fiji Development Bank takes a pioneering step by signing the ADB Women Entrepreneurs Code, becoming the first financial institution in the Pacific to embrace this initiative, fostering gender-inclusive economic growth

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Fiji Development Bank CEO, Saud Minam, emphasized the institution’s dedication to supporting women entrepreneurs during the launch of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Code at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Code, a global initiative, collaborates with policymakers and financial institutions to gather essential data, fostering a conducive business environment for women entrepreneurs worldwide.

Minam highlighted the pivotal role of women in the economy, underscoring their contribution to working capital, which not only benefits their businesses but also uplifts their families and the nation.

He expressed pride in FDB’s recognition as a premier platform for impactful results, attributing it to the institution’s steadfast support for women in business.

Fiji joins the Dominican Republic and Indonesia as one of the initial countries to pilot this vital project, with backing from the Asian Development Bank.

The primary objective of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Code is to cultivate a conducive environment for women in business, attracting investments and fostering innovation in women-led micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Fiji.

Minam reiterated FDB’s commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs, recognizing their vital role in the nation’s economy.

“The WE Finance Code marks a significant milestone for women entrepreneurs in Fiji, providing them with vital working capital for a brighter future, benefiting their businesses, families, and our nation as a whole.”

“It’s highly rewarding to see that the groundbreaking work FDB has put in, is now being duly noted by the right types of foreign interests and that the Bank is viewed as a premier platform to deliver impactful results. This type of project is a validation and vote of confidence in FDB’s exemplary efforts as a ‘women in business’ champion,” Minam affirmed.

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