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Faulu Bank Redefines Financial Inclusion for Kenyan Women

With women comprising 49.6% of Kenya's population and driving significant economic activity, Faulu Bank reaffirms its commitment to empowering them through tailored financial solutions.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Recognizing the significant contribution of women to Kenya’s economy, Faulu Bank remains committed to innovation, delivering customized financial solutions to address the varied needs of its female customers. With women owning a substantial portion of formal and informal SMEs, Faulu Bank endeavors to offer accessible and pertinent financial support to their enterprises.

Faulu Bank’s Acting CEO Julius Ouma said “Women are a very important segment of our clientele and we are constantly evaluating their needs to come up with products that transform their lives and their families” 

For working professionals, Faulu Bank offers a range of products tailored to provide financial stability and security. These include emergency finance options, education policies, and convenient access to funds. Core products such as personal loans, salary advances, and specialized salary accounts cater specifically to the needs of employed women.

Entrepreneurial women are supported through offerings like Biashara SME Loans, providing vital capital for business growth. Additionally, short-term financing solutions such as LPO financing and Digi Loans, alongside long-term wealth creation opportunities through investment accounts, are available.

Specialized agricultural products like the Nafaka Inputs Loan and Kilimo Bora Loan cater to women engaged in farming activities, complemented by agricultural insurance and financial literacy training to enhance productivity.

Faulu Bank’s commitment extends beyond business to family-oriented women, offering education planning with the Elimika Education Plan and comprehensive healthcare coverage through the Afya Imara Health Cover. The Lady Auto Cover provides peace of mind with comprehensive insurance for private cars, including special extensions for various contingencies.

Through its tailored approach to financial inclusion, Faulu Bank empowers Kenyan women across various sectors, contributing to their economic independence and overall well-being.

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