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Danielle Lombardo appointed Chair of WTW’s REHL division

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

WTW a prominent global advisory, broking, and solutions firm, has named Danielle Lombardo as Chair of the Real Estate, Hospitality, and Leisure (REHL) division in Corporate Risk and Broking (CRB) North America.

With over fifteen years of dedicated experience in the insurance sector, Lombardo has established herself as a seasoned professional with a keen focus on real estate. Renowned for her innovative approach and readiness to tackle the multifaceted challenges in risk management and insurance within the real estate domain, Lombardo is highly regarded by clients for her adeptness in aligning critical industry components with comprehensive risk mitigation strategies.

“After years of volatility in the property insurance market coupled with a very challenging real estate market, property owners are begging for solutions to keep current deals afloat and manage long-term premium volatility,” Lombardo remarked. “We are at an inflection point in the real estate and insurance markets where we need to turn the typical insurance process on its side and find solutions to keep transactions moving efficiently and protect net operating income.”

Lombardo’s tenacity and unique problem-solving methodologies have led to the development of innovative solutions. By fostering collaboration among key stakeholders in real estate transactions—including lenders, borrowers, brokers, underwriters, and policymakers—she has tackled the industry’s challenges head-on.

Recognized as a leading authority in her field, Lombardo has been featured as an expert commentator on CNBC and has been interviewed by reputable media outlets such as Bloomberg and The Washington Post, where she addressed the impact of rising insurance costs on the commercial real estate sector.

Acknowledged for her outstanding contributions, Lombardo has received accolades such as being named among the “Top Women to Watch in NY Real Estate,” “Lockton Producer of the Year,” and “Risk & Insurance Power Broker.”

In her new role, Lombardo will not only focus on delivering tailored solutions to clients but also spearhead initiatives aimed at streamlining workflow processes and providing cutting-edge technology, analytics, and support to meet the dynamic needs of the fast-paced real estate industry.

Michael Chang, WTW’s Head of Corporate Risk & Broking in North America said, “Danielle brings a specialized expertise that perfectly aligns with the industry focused approach within CRB NA. Her leadership and technical experience will position her to bring new thinking, strategic ideas, and new products to REHL clients.”

Jimmy Martuscelli, the leader of the REHL Division, echoed similar sentiments, he added, “Danielle brings the ability to leverage deep technical knowledge to deliver specialized thinking to clients, which aligns with the CRB NA strategy. I look forward to working with Danielle to further enhance our vision, identify innovative ideas and continue to drive the REHL industry division into the future.”

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