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CVS Health, New Moms Inc. Transform Young Moms’ Candle-Making Skills into Pharmacy Expertise

Through candle-making skills, young mothers find career opportunities in pharmacy tech roles, supported by mentorship and training from New Moms and CVS Health.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

In Chicago, New Moms Inc. and CVS Health have teamed up to empower young mothers by helping them transition their candle-making skills into roles as pharmacy technicians. Through training in candle making, which imparts skills like inventory management, mathematics, and quality control, New Moms aims to equip these mothers with the tools they need to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry and provides them with opportunities to advance their careers. 

“This is my little Autumn Genesis Prize,” Tyjana Alexander said, pointing at her ultrasound. “I never thought I would be here, but I’m so happy that I actually came here.” 

“Once they introduced the pharmacy techs to me, I was like, ‘maybe, I should try this,” Alexander said. “I just want to elevate myself,” she added.

Initially uncertain about her future, Alexander found hope through New Moms Inc., which introduced her to the possibility of pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician. 

Motivated to better herself, she is now applying for the partnership program offered by CVS Health.

New Moms CEO Laura Zumdahl emphasizes the importance of providing support to young mothers, many of whom lack resources, and aims to help them secure stable employment with fair wages and benefits.

“We want young moms to move into careers and have employers who do offer living wages and benefits and health care,” Zumdahl said.

CVS Health recognizes the challenges faced by teen parents and their children, who are disproportionately affected by poverty and other barriers. 

For Viv Harper, who became a mother at 18, said – “I see a lot of me”

“Now 20 years later, I’m sharing that story and creating programming and really tapping into a population that sometimes is forgotten. It can roll into different positions, and it can roll into different companies. It’s not just for job; it’s really a career path gateway” she added

The partnership program holds personal significance, offering an opportunity to support a community often overlooked. As the manager of workforce initiatives at CVS Health, Harper played a key role in developing the eight-week pilot program, which provides young mothers with mentorship and certification as pharmacy technicians. 

Ultimately, Harper wants to communicate to these mothers that limitless possibilities are available to them. “You can have a bad moment, but don’t stay down. If you can look up. you could get up,” Harper said.

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