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Brazilian Women Explore Saudi’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

A commission of Brazilian women, orchestrated by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, is determined to explore the Saudi Arabian terrain for business. The endeavor is noteworthy as it highlights a dynamic shift in the historical narrative that business dealings are chiefly conducted by men across borders. We here witness the female players crossing borders to rewrite the narrative. The WAHI committee-Saudi Arabia Mission seminar, held on March 26, at the headquarters in Sao Paulo, discussed the prospect of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States emerging as a promising terrain for Brazilian female entrepreneurs. The event, mediated by ABCC Secretary-General and CEO Tamer Mansour, explored the investment and market entry prospects in Gulf countries for Brazilian women entrepreneurs.

Esteemed speakers at the event included Tamer Mansour, ABCC Secretary-General and CEO; Fernanda Baltazar, ABCC Institutional Relations Director; Grazielle Parenti, Vice President of Sustainability at Syngenta; and Renata Maron, ABCC Board Member.

The event highlighted a paradigm shift in the perception of Saudi Arabia, which was once viewed as a conservative religious destination with conventional values. Now, its potential for female entrepreneurship has the ability to transform its global reputation.

Mansour highlighted Saudi Arabia’s potential beyond popular perceptions as a predominantly religious destination, as evidenced by events like the Formula 1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

Fernanda Baltazar, ABCC Institutional Relations Director, spoke about the underrated enthusiasm and curiosity of Arab women in technology, solidifying the scope for collaborative entrepreneurial pursuits.

Renata Maron, ABCC Board Member, highlighted the significant progress made by Saudi Arabia in a short span, including instances such as the reassignment of MBC Media Group to Riyadh, chiefly led by women, which is indeed remarkable in itself. The event also included Alessandra Frisso, ABCC Board Member and WAHI Committee Chairwoman, who outlined the prospects in the Saudi market for Brazilian women entrepreneurs.

The event was more than a celebration of sisterhood across the borders; it was, in fact, a convergence of culture, values, and intellect across the borders.

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