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AVAVA™ unveils MIRIA™ at ASMLS 2024, elevating skin vitality with cutting-edge technology

MIRIA will be available in Korea and Japan later this year.

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

AVAVA™, a leading innovator in aesthetics, is proud to unveil MIRIA™, a cutting-edge advancement in skin revitalization, during the prestigious ASMLS 2024 conference. 

This groundbreaking technology, developed in collaboration with Jeisys, is poised to transform the landscape of energy-based medicine. With a decade of dedicated research and development by top aesthetics experts, MIRIA™ represents a paradigm shift in skin care. 

Offering tailored therapies for a wide range of clinical conditions, MIRIA™ boasts FDA-approved energy levels and revolutionary Focal Point Technology™. This unique approach enables comprehensive treatment of both superficial and deeper skin layers simultaneously, ensuring exceptional results with minimal discomfort and downtime. 

At the core of MIRIA™ lies AVAVA’s proprietary Focal Point Technology™, delivering precise non-ablative laser treatment with unparalleled accuracy. With FDA clearance for energy levels up to 150mJ, MIRIA™ penetrates deep into the skin while minimizing surface damage. Enhanced cooling mechanisms further enhance patient comfort and accelerate recovery. 

Founder and CEO, Irina Erenburg said, “Laser therapy has been consistently challenging with darker skin tones and developing a unique, advanced energy device, that works on ALL skin tones is our mission at AVAVA. Finally, the safe availability of laser therapy has arrived helping all patients achieve their personal skin health goals,” 

Dr. Manstein in his statement said, “We know that skin rejuvenation is the fastest growing segment in aesthetics. Women across all demographics, including Latina and Asian women, agree that they are starting to notice facial lines/wrinkles. The younger the generation, the more likely they are to be bothered by facial skin quality issues and believe in seeking advice and professional treatment to prevent future aging”, said co-founder of MIRIA™, Dr. Dieter Manstein added. “Across all skin tones, the results are natural looking since it stimulates the patient’s own collagen and elastin and the results continue to improve up to 6 months after treatment,”. 

“There is a severe lack of safe and effective aesthetic treatment options for patients with skin of color. With MIRIA™, we now have the ability to safely renew the deeper levels of the skin and improve skin conditions. This is transformative as for most of my patients with darker skin types, conventional laser treatments are unsafe or ineffective,” said Dr. Valerie Callender. 

In addition to its clinical capabilities, MIRIA™ is equipped with AVAVASite™ advanced imaging technology, enabling precise treatment customization and optimization. With high-resolution imaging and machine learning capabilities, MIRIA™ delivers personalized therapies tailored to each patient’s unique needs. 

As AVAVA™ continues to push the boundaries of innovation in aesthetics, MIRIA™ stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence and inclusivity. With its launch, MIRIA™ heralds a new era of skin rejuvenation, offering hope and confidence to individuals seeking transformative results.

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