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Alibaba to close Australia, India data centers; to expand in Southeast Asia, Mexico

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Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group Holding, has announced plans to shut down its data centers in Australia and India as part of an updated infrastructure strategy. This decision, detailed in a statement from Alibaba Cloud, follows a strategic review and aims to focus investment on key markets. Alibaba Cloud has announced suspending its data-center services in India after July 15 and in Australia after September 30. Customers in these regions have been instructed to migrate their operations to Alibaba’s data centers in Singapore and other locations.

The affected data center zones, established in Sydney in 2016 and Mumbai in 2018, are being closed as part of Alibaba Cloud’s strategic shift. This realignment focuses on expanding investments in Southeast Asia and Mexico, aiming to attract more customers in key markets amidst geopolitical challenges and shortages of advanced chips crucial for AI-driven data center operations.

Alibaba Cloud, China’s top cloud services provider, trails behind US giants like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, which dominate global market shares according to Canalys. Cloud computing enables businesses to distribute software and digital resources over the internet like utilities from a power grid, managed from strategically relocated data centers by Alibaba Cloud.Alibaba Cloud strategically focuses on the booming Asia-Pacific market, driven by increased demand for digital infrastructure fueled by AI. This shift has attracted significant interest from global investors preparing for major deals in regional data centers.

Alibaba Cloud, a key sponsor of the Olympic Games since 2017, has enhanced the efficiency of organizing major sporting events under the International Olympic Committee. Founded in 2009, Alibaba Cloud supports approximately 80% of mainland China’s tech companies and plays a crucial role in half of China’s AI large language model (LLM) providers, pivotal for generative AI services like ChatGPT.

Alibaba Cloud’s decision to close data centers in Australia and India highlights its strategy to redirect resources to regions with greater growth opportunities. Focusing on Southeast Asia and Mexico, Alibaba Cloud aims to bolster its market presence and infrastructure capabilities in these emerging markets. This strategic shift highlights Alibaba Cloud’s goal of utilizing its technological expertise and regional investments to grow its presence in the global cloud computing market. By reallocating resources, Alibaba Cloud aims to strengthen its competitive advantage and foster future growth to meet changing needs in digital infrastructure.

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