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Accion Microfinance Bank empowers female entrepreneurs through digital skills training

Women's Tabloid News Desk
Women's Tabloid News Desk

Accion Microfinance Bank (MfB) has taken a proactive step in supporting female entrepreneurs by providing them with essential digital skills aimed at strenthening their businesses.

In a recent endeavor, the bank organized a comprehensive one-day digital skills boot camp held at its headquarters, specifically curated for female entrepreneurs. The initiative underscores the increasing significance of social media and digital platforms in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Paul Ehiagbonare, Chief Digital Officer at Accion MfB, underscored the importance of arming female entrepreneurs with the requisite tools and knowledge to navigate the digital realm effectively. In his keynote address, he elucidated practical strategies for harnessing digital technologies to foster business expansion, emphasizing critical areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce, and optimizing operational efficiency through digital tools.

Anita Oguni, Corporate Branding and Digital Communications Manager at Accion MfB, shared valuable insights into social media marketing and content creation. She highlighted the pivotal role of leveraging digital channels to broaden customer outreach, amplify brand visibility, and nurture meaningful customer engagement.

Upon successful completion of the boot camp, participants were conferred with certificates of participation, acknowledging their dedication to enhancing their digital acumen.

Accion MfB reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to advancing financial inclusion and economic empowerment by delivering innovative solutions tailored to support businesses in attaining their financial aspirations. Through initiatives like the digital skills boot camp, the bank remains steadfast in its mission to empower entrepreneurs, particularly women, to thrive in an increasingly digital-centric business landscape.

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