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7 Women Entrepreneurs from India to visit UK this Week

The delegation intends to highlight Odisha’s economic progress and the myriad government initiatives shaping the region’s business landscape

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Women’s Tabloid News Desk

A trailblazing delegation of women entrepreneurs from Odisha, India is poised to embark on a potentially game-changing business trip to the United Kingdom this week. Representing the Indian Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) National Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (INWEC), the group of 7 accomplished individuals plans to utilize the visit to explore enterprise opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and catalyze bilateral trade and investment between India and the UK. 

With unwavering dedication, the delegation intends to highlight Odisha’s economic progress and the myriad government initiatives shaping the region’s business landscape. The UK visit also provides a chance to exchange ideas, best practices, and domain expertise across sectors like agriculture, healthcare, skill development, and handicrafts. Both the Odisha and UK governments have extended support, facilitating meetings with local bodies, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders during the trip.

An Overview of the Distinguished Delegation

The 7-member women’s enterprise delegation is led by Sukriti Patnaik, the National Chairperson of INWEC. As torchbearers of Odisha’s pro-business and pro-entrepreneurship policy framework, the delegates exemplify the innovation, leadership, and empowerment of Indian women entrepreneurs on the global stage. The delegation has received backing from Odisha’s Industries Department, led by Subhendra Kumar Nayak, and Ipicol.

Acknowledging the visit’s significance, the British Deputy High Commission has coordinated engagements with local councils, businesses, and trade bodies across sectors like manufacturing, technology, and agriculture. The delegation will also participate in the 44th Annual Convention of the Odisha Society UK on August 26th and 27th. This high-profile event serves as the perfect launch pad to highlight Odisha’s economic credentials and opportunities.

Goals of the Trailblazing Visit 

The trip has three primary objectives:

  • First, to identify enterprise collaboration opportunities in the UK across the manufacturing, services, and agriculture sectors. 
  • Second, to nurture bilateral relationships by engaging with British companies, entrepreneurs, industry associations, local councils, and government agencies. 
  • Third, to exchange expertise and best practices in areas like vocational skill development, food processing, healthcare, handicrafts, and handlooms.

By exploring partnerships, securing market access, and sharing ideas with British counterparts, the delegation seeks to give impetus to trade, capital flow, and technical cooperation between India and the UK. The visit is also an opportunity to appraise British entities about Odisha’s enabling business ecosystem and the state government’s support schemes for enterprise.

Key Discussion Areas to Drive Mutual Benefits 

  • Skill Development: Discussing collaboration avenues in vocational training and certification to address India’s workforce skill gap, which British partners can support through technical expertise, faculty exchange, and capacity building programs. 
  • Healthcare: Exploring partnerships in telemedicine and digital health by leveraging UK’s NHS strengths. Joint initiatives in medical R&D and devices are also on the agenda.
  • Food Processing: Identifying avenues for food processing technology partnerships by connecting Odisha’s agriculture sector with British expertise. Collaborations for organic produce certification and supply chain linkages hold immense potential.
  • Handlooms and Handicrafts: Discussions on promoting handloom exports by leveraging British market access. Exploring partnerships between artisan cooperatives to nurture traditional handicrafts.

The delegation is expected to see immense scope for mutual benefits and two-way partnerships that can accelerate inclusive and sustainable economic growth in both geographies.

In summary, the INWEC women’s enterprise delegation visit is slated to be a watershed moment for business ties between India and the UK. The visionary leadership and tireless efforts of these inspiring Odisha women entrepreneurs will pave the way for transformative partnerships, investments, and growth trajectories. As they embark on this mission to make an imprint on the global stage, the pioneering delegation stands poised to create limitless economic and social impact, further empowering women and communities across India.

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