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10 Companies that made History with the Appointment of their First Female CEOs in 2023

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In a groundbreaking year for women in leadership, prominent companies, including, BT, Diageo, Twitter and Qantas, celebrate historic milestones with their inaugural female CEOs.

1. Choi Soo-yeon

CEO of Naver Corp, South Korea

Choi Soo-yeon, the youngest-ever and first female CEO of Naver Corp, breaks barriers in South Korea’s tech world, exemplifying a non-traditional rise to leadership and steering the company’s global expansion with innovation.

2. Sandy Ran Xu

Image Source: ir.jd.com

CEO of JD.com, China

As the first female CEO of JD.com, Sandy Ran Xu’s financial acumen and insights into strategic development are pivotal in revitalizing the company amidst challenges, showcasing her exceptional leadership in a male-dominated tech landscape.

3. Vanessa Hudson

Image Source: qantas.com

CEO of Qantas, Australia

Vanessa Hudson’s historic role as Qantas’ first female CEO reflects her deep understanding of the airline’s business, strategic contributions as CFO, and leadership in steering Qantas back to profitability after pandemic challenges. 

4. Michelle MacKay

Image Source: cushmanwakefield.com

CEO of Cushman & Wakefield, US

Michelle MacKay’s appointment as the first female CEO of Cushman & Wakefield underscores her track record of creating substantial value, bringing her 30 years of real estate experience to guide the Fortune 500 firm through its strategic evolution.

5. Allison Kirkby

Image Source: bt.com

Incoming CEO of BT, UK

Allison Kirkby’s strategic role at BT, coupled with her extensive experience in the telecoms industry, positions her as the first female CEO, spearheading BT’s leaner business strategy and navigating the challenges of a rapidly evolving sector. BT recently announced that Allison Kirkby is to become its new chief executive on February 1, 2024.

6. Debra Crew

Image Source: diageo.com

CEO of Diageo, UK

Debra Crew’s ascent to CEO at Diageo marked a significant milestone, emphasizing her well-established journey from COO to the first female chief in the FTSE 100, steering the iconic beverage giant through a pivotal period.

7. Robyn Grew

Image Source: man.com

CEO of Man Group, UK

Robyn Grew’s historic appointment as the first female CEO of Man Group marks a transformative era for the world’s largest publicly listed hedge fund, emphasizing her instrumental role in reshaping the firm’s business landscape.

8. Linda Yaccarino

CEO of X (formerly Twitter), US

Linda Yaccarino, a revered executive in advertising circles, took the helm at X, rebranding Twitter and driving transformative changes in ad sales, showcasing the impact of a seasoned leader in a tech era.

9. Leah Weckert

Image Source: colesgroup.com.au

CEO of Coles, Australia

Leah Weckert’s historic role as the first female CEO of Coles showcases her leadership journey within the Australian supermarket chain, underlining her commitment to long-term shareholder value and strategic growth.

10.  Makiko Ono

Image Source: suntory.com

CEO of Suntory Beverage & Food, Japan

Makiko Ono’s appointment as the first female CEO of Japan’s largest soft-drinks maker signifies her 40-year commitment to Suntory, with a transformative leadership journey from Chief Sustainability Officer to CEO, driving global expansion.

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