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Whitney Rose launches Sōl People

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Whitney Rose, a well-known celebrity and entrepreneur, has unveiled her latest project, Sōl People, marking a significant foray into the realm of social selling. Alongside co-founder Ashlee Headlee, a formidable businesswoman, Rose aims to redefine the direct selling landscape with a holistic approach focused on wellness and personal transformation. The launch of Sōl People, strategically timed to coincide with the Summer Solstice on June 20, signals a fresh chapter in integrating science-backed products, digital education, and community engagement.

At the heart of Sōl People’s offerings is the exclusive Wild Rose Beauty skincare line, originally conceived by Whitney Rose and now exclusively available through the company. With a strong foundation built on thousands of positive customer reviews and a loyal following, this skincare range sets the stage for Sōl People’s debut in the competitive market.

Beyond skincare, Sōl People introduces a diverse array of wellness products and digital courses designed to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. Among the key offerings are ‘sōl vibe’, a potent nootropic supplement promoting brain health, and ‘sōl glo’, a beauty-enhancing ceramide drink clinically proven to enhance skin appearance. Complementing these products are initial digital courses covering topics such as self-love, manifestation, and digital business building, underscoring Sōl People’s commitment to holistic personal growth.

The leadership behind Sōl People boasts a wealth of experience and success within the industry, positioning the company for rapid expansion. 

“Becoming a co-founder and co-CEO of Sōl People is truly a dream realized,” said Whitney Rose. “I’ve been involved in one way or another with the direct selling industry for most of my life, and now I get to take that one step further. Our innovative business model, which integrates products, courses, and a community, envisions a future where our company stands as a beacon of self-love and transformation. The commitment to fostering self-celebration and growth aligns with values I hold most close to my heart, and just like our company name represents the sun, I see a bright, sunny, sōl future ahead.” said Whitney Rose. 

Ashlee Headlee, co-founder and co-CEO of Sōl People, echoing Rose’s sentiments, expressed her enthusiasm for the venture: “I am amazed by the intricate synchronicities that brought Sōl People to life and beyond humbled to be on this mission with Whitney, “Our intention is to create a beautiful community where people can come exactly as they are and hold space for each other as we learn to authentically love our souls. In this safe space, we provide the guidance, tools, and support for healing and transformation, all while embracing self-love every step of the way.”

With its innovative approach, comprehensive product lineup, and a commitment to empowering personal growth, Sōl People is poised to make waves in the market, offering more than just products—it promises a pathway to holistic well-being and self-discovery for its community members.

About sōl people

Founded by Whitney Rose and Ashlee Headlee, Sōl People is a trailblazing social selling company dedicated to nurturing and celebrating individuals in their authentic selves. By offering a range of beauty and wellness products, a supportive community, and empowering courses, Sōl People strives to facilitate personal and professional growth, encouraging individuals to live authentically at every stage of their journey. The company also offers financial incentives for those interested in sharing Sōl with others. Sōl People aspires to become synonymous with self-celebration and self-love, guiding its vibrant community to live their best-empowered lives.

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