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Tikok sensation ‘Sunny & Jenn’ to launch Lifestyle Brand and Podcast

By Isabella Wilson
By Isabella Wilson

The dynamic duo known as Sunny and Jenn, creators of the popular TikTok account @SunnyandJenn boasting 138.8K followers, are venturing into the world of lifestyle branding.

Jenn Sherman, renowned as Peloton’s first-ever cycling instructor, has been captivating audiences for over a decade with her high-energy classes and empowering playlists. Celebrating her 10-year anniversary at Peloton in November 2023, Jenn continues to inspire members with her dedication and enthusiasm, drawing from her experiences as a devoted mother of two.

Joining her in this venture is Pam Sunshine, fondly referred to as “Sunny” on social media. With over 30 years of expertise in the fashion industry and a passion for wellness, self-care, and more, Sunny brings a unique blend of style and substance to the duo. As a trusted source of advice and inspiration, her followers are drawn to her impeccable taste and insightful recommendations.

Their journey to stardom began with a viral TikTok video posted by @classofpalmbeach, where they showcased their impeccable fashion sense on the streets of Palm Beach, FL. The overwhelming response, with 2 million likes and 17 million views, signaled the start of something extraordinary.

Since then, Sunny and Jenn have captured the hearts of audiences across generations with their relatable content, documenting everything from funny mom moments to lifestyle must-haves. Partnering with brands like Laura Geller, MB Styles Jewelry, and TAJA Candles, they’ve solidified their status as influencers in the digital sphere.

But their ambitions don’t stop there. In Fall 2024, Sunny and Jenn are set to launch their podcast, aptly named “Sunny and Jenn.” Promising the same lively banter and infectious laughter that characterize their social media presence, the podcast will feature special guests and offer plenty of advice and recommendations.

As they embark on this new chapter, Sunny and Jenn are poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of lifestyle branding, inspiring audiences with their authenticity and friendship.

(Source: PRNewswire, edited for publication)

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