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Milken Institute launches Africa Leaders Council Program

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Developmental Think Tank, Milken Institute, has launched the Africa Leaders Council Program which brings together experts in different areas like business, technology, finance, investment, sustainability, and innovation. This is to deepen the think tank’s initiatives in the African continent. 

This program represents the institute’s initiatives to host a series of regional engagement strategies focused on paving the way for stronger, more comprehensive partnerships across the African continent.

The Council members, through the program, will provide their expert opinions and high-level overview to the network and stakeholders of the institute who wish to extend their services and programs in Africa. 

The initiation of the Africa Leaders Council Program by the Milken Institution proves the establishment’s commitment to the continent and also helps the expansion of the institute’s hold in  Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

“Amid the rapidly intensifying geopolitical landscape, and given its tremendous demographic potential, Africa is poised to play an increasingly pivotal role in the global economy. We recognise the excellence in Africa’s innovation and ingenuity,” said Milken Institute executive VP and international programme lead Laura Deal Lacey.

“We believe our Africa Leaders Business Council will play a key role in helping our stakeholders to navigate the continent and provide a fresh perspective in tackling issues shaping the global agenda across climate change, health, capital access and the energy transition,” she added.

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