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Angela C. Dingle named President and CEO of Women Impacting Public Policy

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Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) is proud to announce Angela C. Dingle as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. Dingle, who has a distinguished background in both nonprofit and corporate sectors, brings significant expertise and a steadfast dedication to advancing women entrepreneurs’ interests.

Following an exhaustive national search by WIPP’s Executive Search Committee (ESC), Dingle was chosen to lead the organization. The ESC, including members from the WIPP Executive Committee and the Leadership Advisory Council (LAC), conducted a comprehensive and inclusive hiring process. “After an exhaustive national search, we are thrilled to have Angela C. Dingle as our new President and CEO,” said Sue Tellier, Chair of the Executive Search Committee. “Angela stood out as the ideal candidate, demonstrating the competencies and vision needed to lead WIPP into the future. We are confident that her leadership will drive significant progress in our mission to support women entrepreneurs.”

Dingle, who has served as the Chair of the WIPP Board of Directors for the past five years and as Acting President & CEO for the last twelve months, will build on the foundation laid by her predecessor, Candace Waterman. Under Waterman’s leadership, WIPP made notable strides in policy advocacy and support for women-owned businesses. “Candace Waterman’s legacy is one of profound impact and unwavering dedication. Her vision and leadership have transformed WIPP into a powerful advocate for women-owned businesses,” said Fairchild. “Candace’s work has laid a solid foundation for Angela C. Dingle to build upon, and we are confident that Angela will continue to advance WIPP’s mission with the same passion and commitment.”

Recognized for her accomplishments, including being named CEO of the Year by GET Cities DC in 2022, Dingle has founded Ex Nihilo Management and DEAFCYBERCON, and managed significant operations at Compuware Corporation. “Angela’s exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to women’s entrepreneurship make her the perfect fit for WIPP as we advance our mission to support and empower women-owned businesses,” said Courtney Fairchild, Chair of the WIPP Board of Directors.

As WIPP’s new leader, Dingle will focus on several core policy priorities:

  1. Access to Capital: Improving capital infrastructure, supporting small lending institutions, and bolstering government investment.
  2. Parity for Women-Owned Small Businesses in Federal Contracting: Advocating for acquisition reform, increasing the sole source threshold, addressing double dipping, supporting and training the contracting workforce, and protecting contracting programs.
  3. The Future of the Workforce: Promoting a national paid leave framework, preventing bias and discrimination in AI, ensuring cybersecurity for federal contracting, and establishing protections against cyber threats.
  4. Unlocking Opportunities in the Investing in America Agenda: Raising awareness of investment opportunities and offering actionable guidance for diverse businesses.
  5. Building a Better Tax Code for Women-Owned Businesses: Simplifying taxes for small business owners and maintaining supportive tax provisions.
  6. Health Equity for Women-Owned Businesses: Pushing for policy reforms to improve access to affordable healthcare and ensuring PBMs are compensated based on service value.

“Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to empowering women in business and advocating for their voices to be heard at all levels,” said Dingle. “Having served as a volunteer leader in several non-profits, I understand what activities translate to member value and how it feels to be involved in a virtual organization that relies on the active engagement of its membership. As such, I bring many real-life experiences that will take the accomplishments of WIPP’s first 23 years and move them forward.”

With Dingle at the helm, WIPP is poised for a new era of growth and influence, aiming to strengthen its financial stability through innovative fundraising, expand membership, and deepen engagement with key stakeholders across both public and private sectors. “I am honored to lead WIPP and excited to work with our dedicated team to continue advocating for the policies and resources women entrepreneurs need to thrive,” said Dingle. “Together, we will build on the incredible work of Candace Waterman and take WIPP to new heights.”

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