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AmCham Kuwait holds inaugural 2024 Women in Business Diwaniya

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

AmCham Kuwait hosted its first Women in Business (WIB) Diwaniya for 2024. This groundbreaking event served as a platform for influential leaders and professionals across diverse sectors to converge and strategize on initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity in the workplace.

Dr. Arezou, Vice Chair of AmCham Kuwait, extended her heartfelt appreciation to all participants for their collaborative spirit in laying the foundation for the DEI Matrix. This strategic framework is designed to cultivate sustainable inclusive practices within organizations. Dr. Arezou delineated the agenda for the year, emphasizing a results-oriented approach centered on capacity-building and actionable strategies to empower women in business. Notably, founding members of KWEEP (Kuwait Women’s Economic Empowerment Platform) voiced their staunch support for the Sustainable Inclusivity Matrix during the event.

One of the focal points of the Diwaniya was the imperative need for capacity-building initiatives such as mentorship programs, workshops, and educational pursuits. AmCham Kuwait pledged to harness its extensive networks to bolster these endeavors. Attendees were encouraged by Dr. Arezou to contribute their perspectives on effective capacity-building methodologies that can leave a lasting imprint.

The event also shone a spotlight on KWEEP, lauded as a pioneering initiative aimed at driving the growth and progression of women in the corporate realm. With a strategic focus on recruitment, retention, and leadership development within Kuwait’s private sector, KWEEP has garnered significant traction since its inception. Salma Hajaj, Head of HR at Gulf Bank, underscored KWEEP’s unwavering dedication to mentoring and nurturing the next generation of female leaders.

Furthermore, discussions at the Diwaniya underscored the importance of delineating clear themes for future engagements and tailoring interactions to resonate with diverse stakeholders. Attendees, comprising women in leadership roles, deliberated on the distinctive nuances of Women Business groups in Kuwait vis-à-vis their global counterparts. Dr. Arezou reiterated AmCham Kuwait’s steadfast commitment to maintaining a non-political, advocacy-centric approach, with a primary focus on capacity-building and community outreach.

Looking ahead, Dr. Arezou announced plans to conduct the Diwaniya series on a quarterly basis, with a keen emphasis on tangible outcomes. The forthcoming events will explore varied themes and solicit feedback from industry experts and participants alike. The overarching objective is to furnish companies and organizations with a blueprint for implementing robust DEI practices, drawing inspiration from the successes of member entities.

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