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DeA Capital reports 54% Female Workforce

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Women's Tabloid News Desk

DeA Capital Real Estate Sgr SpA has released its latest ESG Report for 2023, marking significant strides towards sustainability. Highlighting achievements over the past three years, the report underscores the firm’s commitment to transparency and responsible practices.

A standout achievement is the company’s dedication to gender equality, with women constituting 54% of its workforce, including 23% in leadership roles. This reflects a concerted effort to narrow the gender pay gap and foster an inclusive workplace.

Emanuele Caniggia, CEO of DeA Capital Real Estate Sgr, commented on the report’s findings, stating, “Our ESG Report has now become an opportunity to take stock of all the activities implemented during the past year. Scrolling through the index, it is surprising how much work has been done, but it confirms how ESG issues have become, to all intents and purposes, an integral part of the strategic lines of our business model”.

“2023 was a good year of growth for us which positions us once again as the first asset management company for Aum and revenues in the Italian panorama even if DeA Capital’s real estate now has an increasingly international value. The majority of the capital invested in our operations during 2023 is of foreign origin. A 2023 which has unfortunately experienced, with ever increasing frequency, the impact of climate change on our lives, with the increase in extreme weather phenomena change and believe in a livable and sustainable world for ours and for future generations”, added Caniggia , “it will be necessary to adopt a sense of common responsibility, which already sees a proactive and concrete involvement of our company and of all of us”.

Looking ahead, the company has approved a new ESG Action Plan for 2023-2025, aiming to set even higher benchmarks in sustainability and corporate responsibility. Despite challenges posed by climate change, including extreme weather events, DeA Capital remains resolute in its mission to build a sustainable future.

For further insights, the complete 2023 ESG Report can be accessed through the company’s official channels.

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